Changing the countertops in your kitchen is one of the best methods to improve its appearance. Did you know that a modernized kitchen typically increases the value of your house? You might wish to renovate your kitchen before listing your house on the market if you’re planning to sell it soon. Adding granite countertops to your kitchen will improve it and increase the value of your house.

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Here are The 5 Benefits of Granite Countertops

One of the world’s hardest materials is granite, a natural stone. When utilized as kitchen countertops, granite frequently exudes sophistication and grandeur. The following are some of the benefits of granite countertops in your kitchen.

1. Resists Chips and Scratches

The fact that granite is so resilient that it resists chipping and scratches with regular use is one of the finest reasons to choose it for your kitchen countertops. Only slightly softer than diamonds, granite is the second-hardest substance known to man. For dicing, chopping, and slicing food, however, you should always use a cutting board because sharp knives and cleavers may harm the granite. Granite countertops will survive for many years if they are put correctly.

2. Affordable

Have you ever wondered why granite countertops are so popular? Part of it is due to their high affordability. The variation in pricing results from the thickness of the slab and the resulting increased installation costs. The thicker the slab, the more expensive it will be to install.

In addition, granite is more affordable when you consider the investment you’re making. The majority of granite countertops have a minimum lifespan of thirty years, and some even longer!

3. Heat Resistant

Another benefit to granite countertops is their heat resistance. Granite countertops well withstand heat since it was naturally created under pressure and heat. Although we advise using pot holders, you can place a hot pot or pan directly on your granite surfaces without it burning.

4. Stain Resistant

In addition to heat resistance, granite countertops are stain resistant. Alkalis and acids can discolor granite since it is a porous stone. However, your granite countertops will continue to be stain resistant with an appropriate sealant applied yearly. Remember that any spills of liquid or food should still be cleaned up right away with water and a mild detergent (such as a natural cleaner or a small amount of soap). You should be able to gently scrape spills off the counter surface if they have dried using a plastic scraper. Inquire with the installer of your granite countertops about the kind of sealer you should use each year.

5. Unique

You can be certain that no one else will have the same countertops as you because each piece of granite is unique. Contact Stonescape to get started now if you want a unique, natural surface in your kitchen! Depending on which granite slab would be best for your granite kitchen countertops, there are many different varieties of granite available. Granite is a popular material, and sealed granite countertops’ natural pattern will elevate your kitchen to new heights!

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